Range of Services

Karbonous Inc. provides safe and rapid on-site turnkey media exchange service with high quality activated carbon products to keep your treatment systems performing at their best

Karbonous Inc. filter media solutions include turnkey carbon change out service for any type of filter. We meet demanding challenges, stringent safety requirements, and performance requirements to provide you the best onsite experience.

Featured Range of Services

  • Turnkey on-site filter media service
  • Activated carbon vessel exchange
  • Spent carbon profiling and disposal
  • Activated carbon usage modeling
  • Rapid scale column testing for activated carbon
Full turnkey activated carbon services in Houston and City of Industry

Turnkey On-Site Filtered Media Service

Karbonous Inc. performs full turnkey activated carbon services for any type of filtration system. Karbonous Inc. service technicians will mobilize with our highly efficient vacuum units to extract spent carbon and perform a visual inspection on your filter for minor repairs if needed. After completing any repairs that are needed, we will load fresh activated carbon products into the adsorbers. Our service technicians will help clients to switch any hoses and assist with start-up after the carbon exchange.

Our dedicated slurry trailers are exclusively used for portable water treatment systems. Karbonous Inc. food grade trucks can be quickly mobilized for rapid carbon exchange services.

All spent carbon will be profiled prior to services for disposal according to federal and state regulations. Spent carbon will be stored in UN/D.O.T approved super sacks for transportation to the designated facility.

Highlights and Features:

  • OSHA certified/ trained in house service technicians
  • Rapid response for carbon service needs
  • High efficiency and permitted vacuum trucks for fast and safe service
  • Over 13 years of experience in field services
  • One stop shop for all media exchange services

Activated Carbon Vessel Exchange

Our vessel exchange program offers rapid services with minimum downtime for your treatment systems. Our technicians will mobilize with a fresh media tank (activated carbon or other filter media) to replace the spent tank for a quick exchange.

Spent carbon will be extracted at the Karbonous Inc. facility and disposed of according to federal and state regulations.

Highlights and Features:

  • Rapid response for exchange services
  • Minimum down time due to no on-site service required
  • Large inventory of adsorbers for both vapor and liquid applications
  • One stop shop for all media exchange services
Full turnkey activated carbon services in Houston and City of Industry
Need Full turnkey activated carbon services in USA

Spent Carbon Profiling and Disposal

Karbonous Inc. offers profiling services for all spent carbon and other filtered media.

Profiling spent waste is required to ensure proper disposal or recycling according to federal, state, and local requirements. Profiling is characterization of the material to determine if it is hazardous or non-hazardous. The profiling evaluates the process that generates the waste and other properties to determine the waste classification.

Prior to carbon services, a representative sample must be tested for the profiling process. The waste generator must complete Karbonous Inc. waste profile form prior to arranging onsite services. Karbonous Inc. can assist with spent carbon sampling and profiling needs.

Upon determining if the waste is hazardous or non-hazardous, Karbonous Inc will make arrangements to dispose of or recycle spent waste with proper shipping documentation. Once the spent media is disposed of or recycled, Karbonous Inc. will provide documentation to the generator for the final disposal of their waste.

Activated Carbon Usage Modeling

Karbonous Inc. offers computer modeling to determine granular activated carbon usage estimations for both liquid and vapor applications.

We can assist you to size the carbon adsorbers and the right type of activated carbon for your application. Our database consists of over 250 compounds for both liquid and vapor usage estimation calculations. Determining the right size and the type of activated carbon is an important step to configure the optimal treatment system.

OSHA certified technicians of filtered media service
Rapid Scale

Rapid Scale Column Testing for Activated Carbon

Karbonous Inc. rapid scale column test is a program used to determine the most cost-effective filtration media for a particular liquid phase application.

Our program allows for the evaluation of different types of activated carbon under actual process conditions.

The testing is performed by a certified third-party laboratory with our activated carbon products to determine breakthrough curves, filtered media usage, and compare the best choice of activated carbon for your purification application.