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About Karbonous Inc

Karbonous Inc. is a leading Activated Carbon Corporation Company. Since we are one of the leading activated carbon manufacturers in California, USA, almost every known dealer in the industry deals with us and is 100% satisfied. Expertise in technical aspects and specializing in producing a complete range of products make us stand out from the rest. Not only the manufacturing, but we also distribute a wide range of granular activated carbon products for various applications throughout the US. We have more than sixteen years of experience in the industry and produce the best quality products and deliver only the services in the industry. Most of our customers belong to the following industrial sectors:

  • Agricultural
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Chemical purification
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Distilled alcoholic beverage purification
  • Fuel storage
  • Gas purification
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Mercury scrubbing
  • Pharmaceutical

Karbonous Inc. was originally established as a supplier and distributor of bulk carbon products and has expanded into on-site turnkey media exchange services over the years.

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Our Capabilities as an Activated Carbon Production City of Industry CA

Karbonous Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality activated carbon products and has emerged as one of the leaders in the filtration industry.
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Our Products

Karbonous Inc. is a leader in the carbon manufacturing industry/market.

Our activated carbon production City of Industry, California, is NSF Certified and produced from high grades of coconut shell, coal, wood, and lignite with a wide range of mesh sizes for both liquid and air applications. As a reputed activated carbon manufacturer in California, our premium grade coconut shell and coal base carbons are widely used in industrial, commercial, and municipal treatment systems in both liquid and vapor phase applications.

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Range Of Services

As an activated carbon supplier in California, Karbonous Inc. provides safe and rapid on-site turnkey media exchange services using high quality carbon products to keep your treatment systems performing at their best. Since we are activated carbon manufacturer, we always stay conscious about rule and regulations.

Featured Range Of Our Activated Carbon Products

  • Turnkey on-site filter media services
  • Vessel exchange
  • Spent carbon profiling and disposal
  • Usage modeling
  • Rapid scale column testing


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Activated Carbon Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, we urge you to contact us via the “contact us” page with your question. Although we try to answer your questions as soon as possible, we’ll also assess the nature and importance of the question and mention the question with an answer on this page. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from your customers and answers to them:

What Is Activated Carbon?

One of the leading reasons that several industries need activated carbon is its highly porous nature. Porosity is the property that makes this substance important when it comes to adsorbing the impurities, chemicals, VOC (volatile Organic Compounds), and pollutants with a solvent, specifically water. Moreover, its porosity can also adsorb the odor of the solvent. However, the manufacturing process starts with burning carbonaceous substances in the absence of oxygen, producing carbon “Char”. After burning, the process begins to create pores or holes within the material by treating the substance physically and chemically. The more porous material becomes, the more yield and quality we get. Therefore, the larger surface area contributes to attracting more VOC and pollutants.

Are Activated Carbon and Activated Charcoal same or different materials?

Most people are living in a misconception that both the words; activated carbon and activated charcoal are different materials. However, we have been working in this industry as a leading activated carbon supplier in California usa for several years. We encounter several situations where our customers don’t know the difference, and we give them awareness about our products. Activated carbon and activated charcoal are the same material with different words. Therefore, there is no difference between both of these words.

What Does Activated Carbon Do?

Activated carbon production in California USA enables the material to hold and attract VOC and other chemicals from liquid and gas (vapors), removing the unwanted chemicals and adsorb into themselves within the pores. Although capacity is not that great, this is one of the best, traditional, and cost-effective ways to eliminate these unwanted chemicals or lower the dilute concentration from the water or air.

For instance, when individuals encounter food poisoning, with the doctor’s recommendations, they consume a small amount of activated carbon to soak up all the poisonous substances from the intestines.    

What does Activated Carbon Remove?

Activated carbon attracts organic material efficiently. On the contrary, activated carbon couldn’t attract inorganic material as effectively as organic chemicals. Some factors that contribute to removing the chemicals and affect the capacity of adsorption are molecular weight, solubility in water, polarity, concentration in the streams, and the temperature of the fluid stream. Besides, VOCs, such as Benzene, oils, Xylene, Toluene, and some chlorinated compounds are common target chemicals that activated carbon removes quickly. However, activated carbon is also used to remove color contamination and odor.

What Is Activated Carbon Made from?

Here, at Karbonous, we are a leading activated carbon manufacturer who deals with activated carbon made from bituminous coal, wood, coconut shell, and lignite coal.

Which Activated Carbon Should I Use?

Depending on where you want to use it; treating vapor or liquid stream, you will need to make your decision. However, large particles of activated carbon are suitable for air to decrease the pressure drop through the bed. On the contrary, smaller particles can better perform with liquid applications to lower down the distance the chemicals have to travel to be adsorbed inside the activated carbon. Whether your project needs to treat liquid or vapor, Karbonous has various sizes of carbon particles available, such as coal or coconut shell-based carbon, among others. We encourage you to talk to us since we are an activated carbon corporation company to discuss your project needs and the suitable carbon for your project.