Activated Carbon Supplier In California USA

Our Products

Karbonous Inc is a leader in activated carbon manufacturing in the Industry.

Our activated carbon is NSF Certified and produced from high grades of coconut shell, coal, wood, and lignite with a wide range of mesh sizes for both liquid and air applications. Our premium grade coconut shell and coal base carbons are widely used in industrial, commercial, and municipal treatment systems in both liquid and vapor phase applications.

We carry a broad range of premium quality Activated Carbon Products in our inventory made from various raw materials. All of our Activated Carbon products are ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certified meets applicable AWWA standards.

Our Activated Carbon products are extensively tested to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards set forth by karbonous Inc.

Activated carbon can be derived from various organic based materials such as coconut shell, coal, wood, and other raw materials. The performance of Activated Carbon depends upon the raw material used and pore structure.

These raw materials become Activated Carbon by undergoing a special hydrothermal process which involves heating the material nearly 2000˚F in a controlled environment, which is “activation.” Water vapor at high temperature chisels out tunnels in the raw material carbon, creating “pores.”

Organic compounds from liquids and gases are removed using Activated Carbon Products through “adsorption” process where contaminant molecules in liquid or air streams attracted into the surface of the pores of Activated Carbon as they flow through.

Each carbon type has it’s unique pore structure suitable for various applications.