Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

coconut shell activated carbon water filter in California
Karbonous Inc. coconut shell activated carbon is manufactured through high temperature and high pressure steam in order to create the unique pore structure to obtain maximum adsorption efficiency.

Coconut shell activated carbon consists of micro pores that have a much higher capacity to adsorb small molecular compounds.

The high pore volume results in a higher surface area, attracting more contaminants, which results in longer run-time with coconut shell activated carbon.

Features and Benefits of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

  • High surface area and large pore volume with efficient VOC removal
  • Long run-time due to high adsorption efficiency
  • Low ash content and impurities
  • Ideal for chloramine removal
  • Taste and odor control
  • Wide range of mesh sizes for various applications
PSC816 (8 x 16 )
PSC820 (8 x 20)
PSC830 (8 x 30)
PSC1230 (12 x 30)
PSC1240 (12 x 40)
PSC830 AW (8 x 30 Acid Washed)
PSC1240 AW (12 x40 Acid Washed)
PSC1230 AW (12 x 30 Acid Washed)
PSC46 (4 x 6)
PSC48 (4 x 8)
PSC410 (4 x10)
PAC325-CS800 ( Powdered Carbon )
PAC325-CS500 ( Powdered Carbon)

Custom sizes are available upon request and please contact your sales representative for more information

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