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Karbonous Inc. is one of the best and reliable activated charcoal suppliers in California, manufactures coal based activated carbon from a selected grade of bituminous coal through thermal activation. Coal based activated carbon charcoal consists of more mesopores and macropores, which are more suitable for the adsorption of large molecules. If you are looking for an online granular activated charcoal product, you are at the right place. Contact us and have a beneficial deal.

Coal based activated carbon is widely used for surface water treatment and high flow liquid phase applications because of the high density. Coal based activated carbon is mainly used for total organic compound (TOC) removal due to its unique pore structure.

Features and Benefits of Coal Based Activated Carbon Charcoal


  • Ideal for TOC and tertiary filtration application
  • Durability due to dense material
  • Wide range of mesh sizes for various applications
PS- Coal Based Activated Carbon Charcoal Product Availability and Mesh Sizes

PS816 (8 x 16 )
PS820 (8 x 20)
PS830 (8 x 30)
PS1230 (12 x 30)
PS1240 (12 x 40)
PS830 AW (8 x 30 Acid Washed)
PS1240 AW (12 x40 Acid Washed)
PS1230 AW (12 x 30 Acid Washed)
PS46 (4 x 6)
PS48 (4 x 8)
PS410 (4 x10)
PSP460 (4MM 60 CTC)
PSP470(4MM 70 CTC)
PAC325-CL800 ( Powdered Carbon )
PAC325-CL500 ( Powdered Carbon)

Although we are reliable activated charcoal supplier, we cater to your demanded custom sizes upon request and please contact our sales representative for more information

Activated Carbon Charcoal
Are Activated Charcoal and Activated Coal different or same?

Activated Charcoal and Activated Coal are sometimes confused to be different, but are exactly the same and used interchangeably.

What Can Coal Based Activated Carbon Do?

Organic chemicals are collected and trapped by activated carbon in vapor and liquid streams and removed from the environment. It has limited potential for these chemicals, but it is extremely cost-effective for treating large volumes of air or water to remove low-level pollution. To put things in perspective, when people are exposed to chemicals or suffer from food poisoning, they are advised to drink a small amount of activated carbon to absorb and remove the poisons.

Does Coal Based Activated Carbon Absorb or Adsorb?

When activated carbon is employed, it causes adsorption. The chemical process of a sponge soaking up water is sometimes used to describe absorption. The sponge absorbs all of the water and does not only absorb it on the surface. In contrast, absorption is a process in which molecules attach entirely to the surface area. As previously stated, activated carbon has a large surface area since it is a porous material. The unwanted substance clings to the surface area of the carbon particles.