What are the uses of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon in Water Filter?

  1. Bad taste and odor removed
  2. Natural solution
  3. Ultrafiltration

Characteristics of Coconut Activated Carbon

  1. Material: Charcoal
  2. Making up: Coconut
  3. Packaging: Sack
  4. Capacity: 25 kg

Description of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Water Filter

The coconut shell activated carbon is frequently used in the treatment of water. Indeed, it turns out to be very effective, in particular thanks to its ultra-filtering capacities.

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To act on the quality, taste, and smell of the water.

This filter media has many virtues, particularly in water treatment. The charcoal filters all the elements giving bad taste or odor to the water (chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, benzene, hydrocarbons, lead …). The treated water is thus free of impurities and is much better to drink.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon in Water Filter

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Bag Sack of 25 kg.

Important Things to Know About Coconut Activated Carbon – 25 kg
  1. The charcoal is made mostly from coconut bark, ash, or poplar. Activated charcoal from coconut shells is known to be the most effective. Its absorbency is 25 times greater than that of ash, for example.
  2. Two stages allow its design and its absorbent capacities: carbonization and activation.
  3. Carbonization consists of calcining coconut shells at a temperature between 600 and 900 ° C, without passage of air.
  4. Activation, for its part, consists in recalcining the wood at the same temperatures but this time in the presence of water vapor, air, or oxidizing gases.
  5. This process makes it possible to develop a network of micro-pores that eradicate unwanted molecules.

Get Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Water Filter for Residential and Commercial Use.

Did You Know

Activated carbon represents 20% of water filtration in the world. This 25 kg bag is ideal for dechloriners (that is to say large bottles for industrial or collective use) as well as for large filters.

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