One of the main and probably best-known uses of activated carbon is to clean the air. In fact, we are talking about a particularly thriving problem in various contexts, from the domestic to the industrial one. Therefore, a severe problem that must be known to identify effective and decisive solutions is creating healthy, fresh, and safe environments, not mere placebos. Thanks to the activated carbon manufacturers, they contribute to sustaining the world since global warming is one of the most discussed global problems.

A pollution and health problem

All enclosed spaces, be they rooms of an apartment or the environments of factories and industries, are prone to air pollution. It is an inevitable process as the air surrounding us is polluted, contaminated by smog, dust, bacteria, and various allergens. These result from smog and a whole series of activities that release this type of substance into the air. These substances are harmful not only to the environment but also to people’s health (allergies, respiratory crises, etc.).

In closed environments, where the concentration of this pollution is greater, it is essential to introduce an effective air purification system. It is a greater responsibility, also from a legal point of view, for all those who manage companies and industrial activities and who, therefore, must guarantee their employees a healthy and clean workspace.

Operation and characteristics of activated carbon for air purification

A useful and effective way to purify the air at an industrial level is the activated carbon filters. The activated carbon, in fact, has adsorption capacity, such as being able to retain most of the substances and organic compounds present in the air.

It is exciting and valuable to remember how the properties of activated carbon have been known for centuries, but only after World War I, there was an acceleration in the development of activated carbon filters. This is because it was possible to make granular activated carbon and to discover how it was essential not only to purify water during the war but also to protect soldiers against gases after the explosions, thanks to its use in gas masks.

Moreover, the chemical and physical characteristics of the activated carbon also prove to be beneficial. The activated carbon filters are able to capture the harmful substances present in the air. The activated carbon filter is one of the products that makes up the air purification process at an industrial level. In fact, they have the task of filtering and capturing the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by companies.

Air purification: the reference industrial sectors

For industrial air purification, it is essential to choose the best-activated carbon according to the substances that need to be adsorbed. It is because activated carbon is not all the same; depending on the type of material intended to be adsorbed, air purification systems differ from each other with respect to their applications. The main uses of these activated carbon filters for air purification are food industries and restaurant kitchens, cosmetic industries, carpentry, body shops, steel mills, and plastic industries.

Food and catering industries

The food sector is one of those that most needs filters and air purification devices. The cooking of various foods and foods, often continuous and at high temperatures, produces fumes and odors that clog the work environment. It has effects both on the livability of the environment and on the quality of food production. Furthermore, dispersing the foul-smelling fumes of the kitchens in the air causes enormous discomfort to the surrounding environment. For this reason, even in restaurant kitchens, where different foods are cooked and prepared simultaneously, it is crucial to count on an effective air purification system.

Cosmetics industries

The cosmetics industry deals with producing products and articles for body care and personal hygiene. The production processes are highly delicate, with the emission of large quantities of toxic substances into the air. Solvents and other harmful substances can cause serious damage to health, and it is essential to equip these workplaces with air purification systems.

Mechanical and carpentry shops (workshops & assembling units)

In carpentry shops, where there is the use of varnishes, paints, glues, and products with solvents, activated carbon filters are indispensable for air purification, even with regard to mechanical body shops, where the use of sprays and coloring products is continuous, the health of workers and the environment.


Steel centers in general and those dealing with steel production, in particular, require highly efficient air purification. It is to prevent fumes, dust, and other pollutants from being emitted into the atmosphere and causing serious damage to the environment. Without forgetting that also in this case, the protection of workers is of vital importance.

Plastic industries

Printing, cutting, hot bending, extrusion, and stamping; are just some of the processes that are carried out within the factories of the plastic industry sector. As a result, we have a daily high emission of pollutants that must be properly filtered and treated to preserve the quality of the air, both internal and external, of the workplace.

Activated carbon filters: a convenient and responsible choice

As we have indicated, the use of activated carbon is transversal in various industrial sectors. We are not talking about a product that “goes well with everything” but about technology that needs to be researched following the applications. The principle is the same, but the configuration of the product changes according to its shape and characteristics according to the application both at a domestic and industrial level.

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