Activated Carbon For Odor Control in City of Industry
Top Activated Carbon For Odor Control in Ca and TX
Karbonous Inc. offers a wide range of odor control activated carbon products. These specialty carbons are produced from various raw materials to treat nuisance odors.

These products consist of both impregnated and non-impregnated activated carbons.

Application for Odor Control Carbon:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan removal
  • Industrial air purification systems
  • Odor control systems
PS- OCM Series (Odor Control Media ) Product availability and Mesh Sizes

PS-OCM-4MKHO (KOH Impregnated Carbon)
PS-OCM-4MHS3 (H2S Removal Carbon)
PS-OCM-48HS2 (H2S Removal Carbon)
PS-OCM-ZH600 (Zeolite impregnated with KMNO4)